Lodge No. 39 at Alexandria, Virginia, was warranted by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania on February 3, 1783. It was constituted on the 25th of that month and has been in continuous existence ever since that date. The Grand Lodge of Virginia having been formed on October 13, 1778, the Lodge withdrew from Pennsylvania obedience and received a Virginia charter dated April 28, 1788, establishing Alexandria Lodge No. 22. George Washington, with his personal consent, was named Master in the Virginia charter. In 1804 the brethren of the Lodge, wishing to honor Bro. Washington, received permission from the Grand Lodge to change the name of the Lodge to that which it now bears.

From early in the 1800s Alexandria-Washington Lodge met in its own quarters, constructed as an addition to the Alexandria Market House. This was destroyed by fire in 1871. It was immediately rebuilt together with City Hall and served as its home until 1949, when the Lodge moved to its present quarters in the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

A History of Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22